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The British Columbia Society of Public Notaries have used the 3 million dollar consume protection funds. They had to settle claims against alleged mortgage fraud of 8 million dollars by the Agetha Chung notary.

Chung was suspended for work in 2013 when it was reported that there were misplacement of funds. Chung left the county,

The society does not know here location but know she is somewhere in Hong Kong.notary

This is one of the biggest cases of misconduct in the field since 1986.There are many irregularities once Chung’s files were investigated.

The society has paid over 6.5 million in claims and there is a special fund to protect members but it has been used up. Chung is also being investigated by the Vancouver, BC police department.

Over 42 people were involved in cases where Chung received money for real estate transactions but did not make payments to the commission as required. This left two mortgages on the title of the home.

Many of the claims have been settled but some clients are still suffering from the negative effects this had on their credit. Many of the clients have worked with Chung for a number of years. Many still do not know what to do to recover their losses.

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Taking care of your paperwork in your own home Or Using a Notary Public In Vancouver

There are all types of paperwork that is needed for business, real estate, and various other practices that require a witness present. This witness is often the notary, a person that will stamp the paperwork and certify that everything is legitimate and professional. When it comes to dealing with multiple parties that are involved in the paperwork the notary becomes the impartial witness, having only to deal with the paperwork and nothing more.

Instead of having to leave your home or office every time you need to have something certified or taken care of by a notary, you can have the notary come to you. Mobile notary service is easy to use, however ittop vancouver notary public might cost a little more. You are going to be paying for their travel time and fuel so the extra fee is going for that. The upside is that there are many times where it could be faster to have a mobile notary on hand when you need them.

This is why it is important to approach a mobile notary public and find one that you can rely on. The more often you use them and become one of their regular clients the more likely they will make the time to come to you first rather than another client. And depending on the mobile notary, you could even gain the professional courtesy of the field afforded to you by using them.

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